Al-Azhar delegation in Gaza to distribute aid
Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmed el-Tayeb - YOUM7/Sami Waheeb

CAIRO: An Al-Azhar delegation met with the Board of Trustees of the Al-Azhar institutes in Palestine Friday to agree on means to oversee the distribution of its 90-ton medical and food aid, reported Youm7.

“This is a message to the world that Palestine is in our hearts, we stand by them hand in hand and will never abandon them,” Al-Azhar head Ahmed al-Tayeb said Wednesday in press statements.

Al-Azhar, the largest Sunni institution in the Islamic world, dispatched 40 tons of aid to the Gaza Strip earlier in August.

A third delegation will leave for Gaza in the coming period with senior Al-Azhar University professors of disciplines requested by the Palestinians, including pediatricians, neurologists, general surgeons and orthopedic specialists, according to Mohamed al-Abd, head of Al-Azhar Convoys

“This is a memorable day in the history of Palestine, which shows the solidarity of the Egyptian people and Al-Azhar with the Palestinian people,” Youm7 quoted Ismail Bolbol, dean of the Al-Azhar institutes in Palestine, as saying Saturday.

The scholars in the delegation, which is composed of eight Al-Azhar members, delivered three lectures in different Gazan mosques, where they urged the people to have patience over the war and not to lose faith in justice, Youm7 reported.

“This [aid] convoy from Al-Azhar to the forbearing people of Gaza is a very modest contribution to help our brothers in their plight due to the brutal Zionist aggression,” al-Tayeb said.

35 tons of aid provided by Jordan was also allowed into Gaza Friday in coordination with the Egyptian Red Crescent.

The Palestinians and Israelis reached a long-term truce under Egyptian auspices after 2,126 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed. A total of 71 Israeli were also killed, most of whom were IDF soldiers on Gazan soil.

Additional reporting by Loai Ali.

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  1. Isaac
    September 2, 2014 at 12:11 am

    Its just about time that some body with real heart do something for the Palestinian people.

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